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The Holisticare Method for Living your Life

  • Do you wake up every morning feeling stiff and lacking the flexibility you need to get on with your day?
  • Do you avoid going for a walk because your legs and your back are aching?
  • Do you find your neck and shoulders are tight at the end of the working day?
  • Have you spent a lots of time and money on things that simply haven't worked?
  • Is playing with the children a chore rather than a pleasure?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then the Freedom from Tension and Pain programme is for you.

The Holisticare Method is different.

It's a complement to any hands-on treatment and you can do it yourself at home - at any time. You don't need any complicated equipment. In fact, the simplicity of the techniques you will learn is what makes this programme unique.

Start today for just £120

Nikki Robinson and the team at Holisticare have really changed my life and my relationship with my body. They are helping me so much to release the traumas of trapped injuries that cause such pain. I could not be more happy to support their work, to make sure more people can get free of suffering.”

Sarah, Duchess of York

Having followed the techniques for relieving the tension in my neck and lower back, I'm no longer in pain in these areas. I am getting great benefit from following the videos to help with a long-standing injury which causes tightness in my hips and am adding the programme to my daily routine. Thank you for creating this course."


The Freedom from Tension and Pain Programme includes:

An Introduction to Myofascial Release

The programme starts with an explanation of the importance of the fascia for a healthy body and how myofascial release works to relieve tension and pain.

Twenty-four techniques demonstrated with video

There a four videos in each of the six modules covering different parts of the body - the neck and upper back, the lower back, arms, leg, hands and feet and the face

Each of the 6 Modules is accompanied by a PDF

Download a PDF for each module which includes written explanations and photos of the techniques for easy reference

Six relaxation/visualisation audios

Unwind at any time by listening to one of the six relaxing audios to take away the stress and strains of the day. Feel calm and able to take on the life's challenges

Typically, the people who buy this online programme are looking for ways to take control of their symptoms so they can enjoy spending time with their friends and family. A few would like to learn how to prevent problems from building up and causing pain in the future. And some really need to take some time out for themselves, to enable them to stay calm while juggling the demands of life.

Start today for just £120

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